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Web Sites on Ikaria

This is just a list of web sites that have information and/or history about Ikaria and Greece. Also a very useful site on Greek Genealogy.

  • Greeka web site has information on other islands as well as Ikaria. ( www.greeka.com/eastern_aegean/ikaria)Click

  • A Bishop in the 1600's visited Ikaria and later when he was at St.James Court in England wrote a book on Samos, Ikaria and Mount Athos. It was translated into English and has been made available online through Google to download as a PDF file.Click


Various bits of information that might interest or amuse.

  • In my research I came across information on the internet about the earliest Greeks that settled in Great Britain. It would seem that one or all of the waves of Greek Immigrants mentioned could explain the surname Douris being found in the UK.Click

  • This is the history of the Greek Orthodox Church in Great Britain. It covers also the Archbishop joseph Georgirenes stay in London and some earlier known Greeks.Click

  • This is a transcript of the chapter on Ikaria by Archbishop Georgirenes written in 1677. He was Archbishop of Samos, Ikaria & Patmos but wrote his book while in the UK at the court of King Charles II. The book was written in Greek and translated.Click

  • On line Douris records for County Armargh, Ireland.

    Most of the Irish records were destroyed by fire in 1922. For a compete picture research of the parish churches is necessary. This only proves that there were Douris` in Armargh in the 1800`s.Click

  • An approximate Timeline of who ruled Ikaria through the centuries.Click

  • This link will take you to an article written about the Civil War in Greece which I found to be both informative and balanced.Click


    According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or Martyr. When someone is named after one of those saints, that day becomes their `name day` and, traditionally, is celebrated.Click

  • Interesting article on the Frenchman ?ttienne Cabet who wrote a book on the perfect community that he named ICARIA.Click

  • Douris the Vase Painter - A Wikipedia entry

    He is mentioned in `Orgins of the Douris Name` on the front page.Click

  • NOTES ON VISTING IKARIA was put together by Gordon Gilmore. Hopefully it will prove of use to those visiting the island for the first time and interesting reading for everyone else.Click

Books, Articles etc.

A List of Books, articles etc about Greece, Ikaria, history etc that might be of interest.

  • Ikaria & Fourni
    Tourist book available on the island
    Publishers M.Toubis S.A. Editions

  • Ancient Icaria by Anthony J Papalas
    Published by Bolchazy-Carducci
    ISBN 0-86516-244-1
    Available on the island or AmazonClick

  • Twice a Stranger by Bruce Clark

    Published by Granta Books

    ISBN 1 - 86207 - 752 -5

    This is an excellent book about the 1923 exchange of population between Greece and Turkey.Click

  • The Forgotton Debt by George E. Harokopos

    Published by Abakio & Praxis

    ISBN 960-86244-0-1

    This book covers the role Greece played in the Second World War.Click

  • After the War was Over by Mark Mazower

    Published by Princetown Paperbacks

    ISBN 0-691-0542-3

    Covers from 1943 to 1960.

    Mazower has written many books on Greece all worth reading.Click

  • It's all Greek to me! By John Mole

    Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

    ISBN 1-85788-343-8

    A true story about John Mole's life in Greece. A very amusing book.Click

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