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This is the Ranch just outside Prineville,Oregon,USA
that belonged to Leonidas I Douris known as 'Shorty'
He was the second son of Diakoyianni Douris.
He went to America in 1877 and was murdered in 1900.
This is a synopsis of his story.
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Shorty Davis Article
Whilst in Prineville, Oregon, USA in 2008
I was interviewed for a new magazine
This is the article as it appeared that summer.

The picture is of the Magazine's float in the annual parade.

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This is an update on what is now known about the Plane that was shot down over Ikaria in 1944. There is still more to this story but will not be available till next year.
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British Beaufighter plane shot down over Ikaria in Februay 1944

This story is not about a Douris but about an incident that occurred on Ikaria during WWII at the time of the German occupation..

I hope you find it interesting.

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An article that appeared in the Durban,S.A. local paper in 1960. It is about a merchant vessel captained by Leonidas Douris of ikaria
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This article appeared in the London Ilustrated News in January 1870 and is about the New Greek Orthodox Church in Liverpool. The article is in very small print so I have transcribed it. The Church is one of only 4 purpose built Greek Churchs in the UK.
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Some information about Archbishop Georgirenes who wrote a book in 1677 about Samos, Ikaria, Patmos & Mount Athos in order to educate the British about these islands. See the INFO section for a transcript of the Ikaria section.

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