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Konstantino Douris
Konstantino Douris together with his cousin left Akamatra to live in Evdilos. Though people lived in mountain villages at that time, they did work and own land by the sea. Evdilos had been inhabited in an earlier period of Ikaria's history.
Stamati K Douris
Stamati was the eldest son of Konstantino. His Father had settled on the higher land of Evdilos called 'Up Mahala - the Varthia' . Stamati with his family continued to do so. His Decendants are called the 'Up Douris' He had 4 sons & 2 Daughters
Ioannis K. Douris
Ioannis, the youngest son of Konstantino, was known as'Diakoyiann' as he was a Chanter in Church. Diako means Chanter.

He settled on the lower side of Evdilos where his decendants continue to live and are called the 'Down Douris' He had 6 Sons.

Haralambos I Douris
Haralambos was the 3rd son of Diakoyianni. He had a Sailing ship as well as a store. Haralambos was also part owner of the windmill in Evdilos.
Maria Douris known as Marigo
Maria was a Grand daughter of Diakoyianni who married Stamati Douris from Xsilosirti, Ikaria. She has 6 Children. 3 Sons and 3 daughters. All her sons emigrated to America and married there. Her decendants are now living in Evdilos,Amercia and England.
Marianna H Douris
Marianna and her family live in Athens. She is the 2nd Great Grand daughter of Diakoyianni.
Konstantinos I Douris
Konstantinos was the youngest son of Diakoyianni. He was a Captain and had his own sailing ship (see Gallery Photos). He use to sail buying and selling produce between Ikaria, Asia Minor, Egypt and Constantinopoli.
Stavrinos S Douris
Stavrinos was the Grandson of Kon/nos Douris, he married the Grand-daughter of Stamatis (Koukoulis) Douris (Kon/nos' 1st cousin)

This tree is still in progress but as it combines the two families of the 2 cousins have posted it now.

Haralambos I Douris known as Lambi
Haralambos, Great Grandson of Diakoyianni, was born in Evdilos but as choose to become a Merchant Navy Captain spent most of his life travelling the world. Since 1997 he has been retired and lives in Evdilos, Ikaria.
Ilias Douris
Ilias Douris was from Akamatra.

As yet not a lot is known of his life but of his children, Michael went to USA and his daughter Ioanna lived Smyni (Ismir) being forced to return to Greece with her family in 1922. 3 of her daughters married Douris's

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